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Pirate Party!

Argghh! Here are some awesome ideas on how to throw a pirate themed party for your little matey!


Invites can be made on traditional paper and include pirate theme ideas or make your invites look like a map! An even more creative idea is to deliver invites in glass bottles to look like treasure maps in a bottle. 


Create tables to look like pirate ships! Each table should have a black tablecloth, white sails and black flags with skulls and cross bones on them. You can use treasure chests filled with plastic jewelry and chocolate gold coins as centerpieces. 

If you're going more the Disney's Hook/Peter Pan route, you can have a cardboard cut out of Tinker Bell locked in a bird's cage for decoration like in the movie. 

Creative door decorations can be made using red, white and black construction paper. 

Pirate ship centerpieces are made from black construction paper and skull cutouts. 

Party Food: 

Incorporate pirate fun into every aspect of your cake to make it look like this one. Include a hook, skull and cross bones, treasure and water. 

For your very own pirate food table include sour gummy worms in a jar labeled Fish Bait. 

Fill a bowl with potato chips and gold fish crackers and label it Fish N Chips.

Chocolate donut holes or grapes can be labeled Cannonballs and blue mondos are now Salty Sea Water drinks.

Create your own pirate's hat cake!

Or for the really talented, make your own treasure map cupcakes!

Assorted fruits are now Pirate's Jewels on your pirate food snack table. Hotdog wienies are now Dead Man's Fingers and pinwheel cheese and meat sandwiches in green tortillas are now Seaweed Wraps. 

Fill a bowl with any candy with a gold wrapper and label it Pirate Loot. 

These are printable cupcake toppers to go on top of your cupcakes! 

A cheese and cracker dish is now Polly's Crackers!


Create your own Hook Toss! Paint a piece of cardboard red and black and glue several hooks to the cardboard. You can use round pool toys with open holes to throw onto the hooks. 

Set up a tattoo parlor for all of the little pirate's coming to the party! Provide various tattoos that stick with the theme like skulls, flowers, crossbones, parrots, ships, water and mermaids. 

Have your guests walk the plank! Lay down blue tarp for the ocean and spray paint cardboard fins silver to make sharks. Spray paint a piece of wood to say "Walk the Plank" and all guests have to see if they can make it across the sea! 

Treasure Hunt! Fill a sand box with the following items or hide them throughout your back yard. 
-5 gold coins
-1 plastic alligator
-1 large jewel
-1 pirate ball
-1 gemstone ring

Whoever finds the most treasure wins!

Party Favors: 

Send home party favor bags filled with candy, eye patches, cold coins and polly's crackers. These perfect tags for the party favor bags say, "Thanks for the treasure! For it was a pleasure!" 

Set up a table full of eye patches so that all of the guests can be pirates. Another possibility is a table full of pirates' hats as well. 

An awesome way to send guests home in a fun way is to create your own Pirate Booty bags with your child's name on them. Fill with candy for the kids! 

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Pirate Party!

Pirates are on the rise and getting more and more popular. There is a good chance that your child has seen and loves the show Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Peter Pan, or even Pirates of the Caribbean and would love for you to throw a birthday party that is sure to shiver some timbers. 

(photo courtesy of Be Fickle)
A message in the bottle can make such great party invite. The bottle can include a treasure map with directions to the party destination or you could use the bottles to lead the party guests on a hunt for hidden treasure. 

This cake is so easy to make and can be a very convincing pirate hat. All you need is a round cake pan. Cut the cake right down the center and they cut one of those halves into half again and stand them on edge to make a great cake. 

(photo courtesy of Catch My Party)
If you are a tad artistic a watermelon shark could be your calling. It will definitely be a focus point of the food display and you will amaze all the other parents. It really is easier than it looks and since summer is getting started watermelon prices will be going down so try it out.

(photo courtesy of Chick a Bug)
Simple burlap sacks with "X's" to mark where the treasure is will make great goody bags. It would be fun to even make them search for treats with a scavenger hunt. 

(photo courtesy of Fiesta Facil)
Such a fun game to play is a ring toss with pirate hooks. You can find the hooks at party stores or sometimes even dollar stores. 

(photo courtesy of Kiind)
While bananas are not typically a party food these banana pirates would make a great addition to your get together. Very cute and very simple to make. 

(photo courtesy of Lemon and Lime Event)
These are some of the cutest dipped marshmallows I've seen. Just dip the top is some white chocolate with red food coloring and use a food coloring pen to adorn them with pirate faces.